Jazz Internet packages 2024-Daily, weekly & monthly

Daily internet packages

Jazz is one of the well-known networks. Jazz Network, before known as Mobilink. Mobilink launched in 1994. In November 2015, Jazz will become a new brand. Jazz introduced several cheap and demandable jazz internet packages. Here, we have daily internet, calls, and SMS packages for you.

Jazz packagesOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBsvaliditypriceSubscription code
Free WhatsApp offer –    –651 DayRs.1.5*225#
Gujranwala super data offer    –    –50001 DayRs.7.3For details
Daily WhatsApp and SMS offer    –1800101 DayRs.9.6*334#
Punjab packages (selective cities)Unlimited    –10002501 DayRs.12*6000#
Apna shehr packages (selective cities)Unlimited    –15001001 DayRs.12*229#
Sindh packagesUnlimited    – 15002501 DayRs.30*522#
KPK daily offerUnlimited    – 15002501 DayRs.30*291#
Karachii daily hybrid package (Karachi only)Unlimited    – 15002501 DayRs.30*400#
Daily extreme    –    –  –20001 DayRs.18*757#
Day bundle300    – 300201 DayRs.20*340#
Music bundle daily    –    –  –501 DayRs.20*502*1*1#
Daily browser offer    –    –  –501 DayRs.20*117*11#
Daily super offer1440    –  502001 DayRs.30For details
Daily YouTube and social offer    –    –  –15001 DayRs.27 For details
Super plus offer5005 5005001 DayRs.35*558#
Daily maga offer    –    –  –10001 DayRs.35For details

Jazz weekly internet packages

In Pakistan, the most popular network is Jazz. A variety of weekly packages are available from Jazz to its users. Jazz offers the best facilities to support young people in achieving a better future for its users. Some packages are given below for you

Jazz packagesOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBsvaliditypricesubscription code
Haftawar all-rounder packages(selected cities only)1000100010007 DaysRs.0*191#
Jazz n4G SIM offer500    – 50050007 Days Rs.0*443*30#
Weekly bundle recursive    –    –1500257 DaysRs.17.93*507#
Weekly SMS package    –    –1500257 DaysRs.30For details
Weekly WhatsApp package1500257 DaysRs.30*407#
Super SIM offer6003060060007 DaysRs.60*476#
Free music bundle (weekly)    –    –    –3507 DaysRs.90*502*2*1#
Weekly voice offer1000    –    –    –7 DaysRs.100*211#
Sargodha weekly offer2000    –200020007 DaysRs.130For details
Jazz Punjab Haftawar offer    –605000100007 DaysRs.119*307#
Jazz Punjab Haftawar offer100050100010007 DaysRs.120*747#
Weekly Extreme offer    –    –    –500007 DaysRs.130*117*1#
Work from the home bundleUnlimited    –    –120007 DaysRs.135*117*14#
Weekly hybrid100060100010007 DaysRs.173For details
Weekly and social    –    –    –50007 DaysRs.234 For details
Weekly all network packages100090100030007 DaysRs.210*700#
Weekly social plus50025 5008000 7 DaysRs.215*668#
Weekly premium 4G,3G packages    –50    –40007 DaysRs.230*117*47#
Weekly mega offer50001005000100007 DaysRs.304*159#
Weekly super duper offer50001005000100007 DaysRs.304*770#
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus offer50001205000100007 DaysRs.345For details
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus offer6000506000 300007 DaysRs.369*453#
Jazz weekly super Max60001506000 300007 DaysRs.430For details
Weekly freedom10001000500007 DaysRs.430For details

Jazz monthly internet Packages

We know jazz provides unlimited services for its users. Jazz got 74 million subscribers in two decades due to its best 2G,3G,4G internet packages and other services. So, they focused on user comfort and introduced monthly, daily, and weekly packages. Here, we have monthly internet packages available for Jazz users.

Jazz PackagesOn-Net Minutes Off-Net MinutesSMSMBsValiditypriceSubscription code
Infinity browser      _      _200030 DaysRs.150*709#
Monthly SMS bundle      _      _12000700030 DaysRs.174*101*1*02#
Monthly WhatsApp bundle      _      _12000 700030 DaysRs.174*661#
Jazz monthly social      _      –12000 700030 DaysRs.174*661#
Mahana bachat offer300501000400030 DaysRs.225 For details
Monthly Social Plus300503001000030 DaysRs.313*617#
Internet monthly extreme offer      –      –  –1000030 DaysRs.150*117*34#
Free music monthly package    –    –    –150030 DaysRs.330*502*3*1#
Monthly browser package     –      –   – 600030 DaysRs.330*117*77#
Karachi mahana offer50001505000 1000030 DaysRs.521*529#
Monthly mega plus offer      –      –      –1200030 DaysRs.694*117*30#
Monthly supreme offer      –      –      –2400030 DaysRs.1040*117*32#
Monthly hybrid bundle300030030001200030 DaysRs.868*430#
Monthly premium package400      –      –2500030 DaysRs.1040*2000#
Monthly super duper300030030001400030 DaysRs.868*706#
Super duper card20001502000200030 DaysRs.868*601#
Monthly super duper plus offer300050030005000030 DaysRs.1215*707#
Monthly max300050030004000030 DaysRs.1260For details
Super 4G welcome back offer      –      –  –5000030 DaysRs.1200*6363*8#
Monthly internet basic packages (device only)      –      –  –3000030 DaysRs.1500*117*71#
Monthly internet regular
(device only)
      –      –    –6000030 DaysRs.1740*117*73#
Monthly freedom2000    –200010000030 DaysRs.1760For details
Monthly internet mega(device only)      –      –  –11000030 DaysRs.2087*117*36#
Monthly internet heavy (device only)  –  –  –18000030 DaysRs.2609*117*74#

Other jazz internet Packages

 Jazz Packages   On-Net Minutes  Off-Net MinutesSMS    MBsValiditypriceSubscription code
SIM lagao offer3000      –3000600060 daysRs.0.01*551#
Super ghanta offer      –      –  –10001 hourRs.12For details
Jazz give a bundle100      –   –10003 DaysRs.35*919#
3-days Extreme offer      –      –   –30003 DaysRs.46*114*14#
3-day max offer100010100010003 DaysRs.60*631#
Voice infinity offer115      –  –2506 MonthsRs.63*710#
Lajawab haftawar offer250025250025001 weekRs.75*565#
3 months bundle (device only)      –      –   –  65000 3 MonthsRs.5626*117*15#
6 months bundle (device only)      –      –   –1000006 MonthsRs.12174*117*16#


Which jazz weekly internet package is best for the internet?

Dial subscription code * 506# for the best and most affordable weekly package. In the Weekly Max offer, you will receive 30GB, 150 minutes from other networks, 6000 Jazz minutes, and 6,000 SMS. The package subscription fee is Rs.400 only.

How do I subscribe to Jazz 100GB internet package monthly?

1 month bundle.100 GB, 2000 Jazz minutes, and SMS for just Rs.1560.To subscribe, dial *733#

What is Jazz 6-month internet package?

6 Month Bundle (for devices only). 100GB for Rs.12174. Bundle Price is Rs. 14,000. To subscribe, dial*117*16#, and for unsubscribing, dial*117*18*2#.

What is the code of Jazz 12 GB monthly offer?

Dial *117*30#. The Monthly Mega Plus plan comes with a 12GB data limit per month (6 GB between 6 AM-2 PM) and is available for Rs.520. it is a fantastic deal for heavy data users, who use a lot of data throughout the day since they use it between 6 AM-2 PM.

What is a Jazz monthly call package in 100 rupees?

Just dial *614#. Enjoy 4GB (for WhatsApp + IMO), 2000 SMS, 300 On-Net, and 40 Off-Net Minutes. You can use these MBs, SMS, and mins for 1 month without limitations.

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